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Week 30 – Color code and Franklin makeover, just keep trying!


I read recently my color code report and was surprised by what I read. I already read it 7 months ago, but it had not at all the same resonance at the time. To say the truth, I was totally in shock at the results 6 months ago. I was so far from seeing me like what the report said that I guess I could not register all the information.

After 6 months of Master Key Experience, I have found my true self and everything is fitting together now.

My strengths are : spontaneous, carefree, flexible, positive, happy, persuasive, proactive, productive, assertive.

My weaknesses : forgetful, poor follow-through, an interrupter, impulsive, selfish*, insensitive*, bossy*, demanding*, argumentative* (* I have worked already on those ones during those last 6 months and they are not true anymore).

When the MKE class ended, they told us to keep working on virtues that we wanted to develop (what they call the “Franklin Makeover”). I definitely think that it’s time now for me to work on being a good listener (the opposite of being an interrupter and impulsive) and also on being a good follow-through and have a good memory instead of being forgetful. I have asked yesterday my husband and children to help me. I told them it was my goal and I needed help to get out of my old blue print on those points.

My character makeover? Just keep trying! If I don’t get it right today, I may get it right tomorrow. And it’s not because I have been an interrupter all my life that I can not change today or tomorrow. I just have to grab a pencil and a paper and organise myself while in discussion with someone. With persistent practice, I’ll produce perfect performance! One day, I will be able to leave the pencil and paper because I won’t be forgetful and my brain will have enough practice to retain my firing thoughts while listening to the other one speak! I will master the art of debating and co-creating a better world…

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