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Week 22 – You can have anything you want


“You can have anything you want but you can not have everything you want at the same time.”

I loved the last webinar. I was all excited to listen from somebody else the conclusion I had drawn by myself a few weeks ago.

The dilemma of life : choose your way and accept closing the other doors! You won’t be able to do it all!  Trying to live 99 lives is living none.

How long it took me to accept this! Yes, you can have anything you want, but each demands time and energy and you only have one life and 24 hours per day, including the fact that I need 8 hours of sleep and 3 hours to sustain myself.

I understand why some people sleep little or don’t spend time eating proper meals. And I also understand why I have been attracted to cycling those last weeks or inclined to slow down my life, instead of running from morning until bedtime, driving like mad, being stressed all the time. I have come to the conclusion that I will live only one life, but making the best of it.

I now take time to do things and drink every minute to its full. I have accepted that I won’t head in all directions at the same time. I will do one thing at a time, and I will do it well. How hard it is to change a bad habit! You can have anything you want but you have to focus all your energy on it.

I really liked also the part of the webinar where we were told how to see fear, anger, unworthiness, hurt feelings and guilt from a positive point of view. I keep expanding! How exciting. But it is a lot of work! I keep on building my “happiness advantage” as Shawn Achor puts it.

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