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Week 20 – Imagination virtue

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As I focus on the Imagination virtue this week, I found this video on Facebook and was so impressed by the quality of the whole performance and the quality of the filming. How imaginative the choregrapher, how expressive and talented the dancers! They follow their bliss, no doubt about that.

I always thought that I had no imagination. But the MKMMA tells you : if you can spot it, it means you already have it inside. And I have stopped pretending not to know that my color is yellow. I can have imagination. I have started thinking of things I could imagine and create myself. I have started to unleash my heart and let my intuitions talk to me.

I have mixed my first video this weekend. I mean the first one with my heart and my yellow blue print. Still a lot to do to have the result I want, but I learn to use new tools, so persistence is the key! I realize how I have spent ages learning things that did not appeal to me and in which I did not find any fun. Now I can choose to live my bliss, and I hope to help teenagers live their bliss too! I would like the teenagers to bring their best into the world. And that’s where positive education comes in. The world is changing and so do I.

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  1. Imagine that!! Great post Hoang-mai

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