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Two years after MKMMA…


Two years after MKMMA, my dream has come true. I started MKMMA in october 2015 telling myself : “in six months, I want to know what I want to do with my life”.

When your goal is clear and you devote all your energy to it, you achieve it. After 6 months, I knew I wanted to be of service to the field of Education. Two years after, I have, with a group of motivated people like me, created the School of Grivery. It is our path to building a better world. Here and now.

I think one of the goals I had in life was to stop being afraid all the time. Afraid of being hurt, afraid of pain, afraid of failure, afraid of meditation, afraid of being alone… but it did not came clear until recently that my search for harmony was a search for peace of mind.

I had to fight a breast cancer during last term of 2017. It showed me that I was not afraid of myself anymore. It showed me that I was loved for who I am, with all my defects, and it showed me I could love myself for who I am with all my defects!

I can medidate for 30 minutes, which is much better than when I used to look at my watch after only 5 minutes, but I have discovered that I enjoy much more Tai Chi or Qi Cong.

So anyway, MKMMA gave me tools that are precious to go to the next step, wherever you are on the ladder of your life. And for that, I feel grateful and wanted to express it today.

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