Positive Mai

Ready for change

Week 24 – the MKE always keeps its promises


After those 6 months, there are no words powerful enough to express the positive effect of MKE on my life.

The rose grows, the bees pollinize, Positive Mai grows and pollinizes.

Self-reliance, breaking away from the sheep herd and leading my tribe. Wow! What a journey in 6 months. I always knew I wanted to have my bubble of nice environment. The environment where you are safe to be yourself. I used to think of it in a defensive way, and now I think of it as a universal right of the human being. I am ready to expand the bubble. Because your true nature is to shine, so being yourself is to shine and make the world live. Honestly, earnestly, effortlessly.

I always keep my promises. The MKE always keeps its promises.


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