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Adogriculture Bio (Organic Teenculture) : let the children be themselves and grow into who they intend to become

10/28/2017 – TED https://www.ted.com/talks TEDx “ideas worth speading!” http://www.tedxparis.com/

Hoang-Mai LesaffreToday, 2,6 millions of secondary school pupils are in the schools of the French Rebublic. The government spends an average of 8410€ per pupil*.

Every year, 150 000 teenagers go out of the shool system without qualification or diploma and 72% of the 15-19 years old that are not in school are either inactive or unemployed.

We could better use the money from our taxes and reverse the PISA falling results by introducing positive psychology and neurosciences at school.

Our teenagers need to feel the Liberty that education will bring them. They need to understand the meaning and the purpose of what they are doing in school. They need to respect and be grateful to the school of the Republic and the teachers that share their knowledge with them. They need to find something beneficial to the greater good to focus on. But most of all, they need to be trusted and be allowed to be themselves and must be guided in becoming who they intend to become. This can be taught. Our teachers need to be trained to those new challenges.

That is the reason why I have decided in 2015 to start Adogriculture Bio after the terrorist attacks in Paris and during my Master Key Master Mind Alliance training at the same time that the government was voting new changes for secondary school curriculum.

We have put up a set of actions to be applied nationwide to restore self-confidence in our teenagers and in the teachers and give them tools and methods to help everybody succeed.

After one year of pilot experiment in Grigny, 100% of the teenagers and teachers having been through this program said that it helped them tremendously in their everyday life. The self-assessment showed that their level of self-confidence is higher than before and that the level of stress has decreased. Most of all, their quality of life has improved.

Thanks to the new technologies, this can be spread nationwide much faster than it was conceivable 10 years ago.

*http://www.education.gouv.fr/cid57111/l-education-nationale-en-chiffres.html#Le second degré


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