Positive Mai

Ready for change

March 21, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 24 – the MKE always keeps its promises

After those 6 months, there are no words powerful enough to express the positive effect of MKE on my life.

The rose grows, the bees pollinize, Positive Mai grows and pollinizes.

Self-reliance, breaking away from the sheep herd and leading my tribe. Wow! What a journey in 6 months. I always knew I wanted to have my bubble of nice environment. The environment where you are safe to be yourself. I used to think of it in a defensive way, and now I think of it as a universal right of the human being. I am ready to expand the bubble. Because your true nature is to shine, so being yourself is to shine and make the world live. Honestly, earnestly, effortlessly.

I always keep my promises. The MKE always keeps its promises.


March 9, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 22A – Falling behind and guilt

I have achieved one thing on my DMP, and meanwhile, all the rest of MKMMA homeworks is falling behind! Instead of reading Og 3 times a day, I read it only once, no more sits, no more hanging out to read the others’ blogs and put comments in the Alliance… I don’t read my DMP out loud or read the BPB anymore. I don’t have much time flashing my cards, but I know them by now and the adaptation process has worked on those cards and the DMP already, so I don’t feel like the same excitement as at the beginning. I don’t look at shapes or listen to my recording anymore. Do I feel guilt? A little bit, but not really.

On the other hand, I have kept to my 3 gratitudes and journaling the moment of happy time daily and focusing on kindnesses and doing the Franklin Makeover exercice. Trying to be consciously kind and shifting my attention where I want. Also, I have kept on with the service on the service card. And most important, I have changed all my bad habits and wake up very happy in the morning and go to bed very happy at night. The guy in the gal is very happy, definitely.

I do my best every day. I put my attention where I want and improve myself and my quality of life dramatically. It’s hard work but happy work. Meaningful and rewarding. The time spent reflecting is not wasted, it is earned. I love the feeling. But honestly, I am not a great thinker. I am more in the action. I have this pile of book that I would like to read, but they still stay there… And the list of things to do for MKMMA takes too much time in the schedule. Just making dates with my family member is enough to take all my day. I really have to accept that. Just tending to my primary needs and those of my loved ones, and the day is gone! Everyday, it’s the struggle to accomplish my plan of action.

So I was thinking that maybe I should stop struggling and take it easy. Since then, I have been falling behind a few items on the list, but I still work hard towards my goals!


March 4, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 22 – You can have anything you want

“You can have anything you want but you can not have everything you want at the same time.”

I loved the last webinar. I was all excited to listen from somebody else the conclusion I had drawn by myself a few weeks ago.

The dilemma of life : choose your way and accept closing the other doors! You won’t be able to do it all!  Trying to live 99 lives is living none.

How long it took me to accept this! Yes, you can have anything you want, but each demands time and energy and you only have one life and 24 hours per day, including the fact that I need 8 hours of sleep and 3 hours to sustain myself.

I understand why some people sleep little or don’t spend time eating proper meals. And I also understand why I have been attracted to cycling those last weeks or inclined to slow down my life, instead of running from morning until bedtime, driving like mad, being stressed all the time. I have come to the conclusion that I will live only one life, but making the best of it.

I now take time to do things and drink every minute to its full. I have accepted that I won’t head in all directions at the same time. I will do one thing at a time, and I will do it well. How hard it is to change a bad habit! You can have anything you want but you have to focus all your energy on it.

I really liked also the part of the webinar where we were told how to see fear, anger, unworthiness, hurt feelings and guilt from a positive point of view. I keep expanding! How exciting. But it is a lot of work! I keep on building my “happiness advantage” as Shawn Achor puts it.

February 28, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 21 – Courage in my DMP

courage  This week, I chose to focus on courage.

In my DMP, I wrote a few months ago that I would feel ecstatic off-track skiing in the French Alps in February 2016. So I did.

I prepared myself physically those last few months so I could feel reasonably fit and in control of my body during this holiday week in the Alps.

I off-track skied once seventeen years ago and had been terrified by the experience at the time, thinking I would die from hitting a rock or a tree. But since then, I have grown up, and most of all, I have started the MKMMA adventure and so, one of my DMP was to be able to overcome my fear and enjoy the incredible experience.

It was terrific. I felt liberty and true health flowing with me hiking up and skiing down the slopes, in this incredible snowy natural landscape.

I live this day as if it is my last, but it’s not my last, so I fall to my knees and give thanks!