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I can do better with my life

I can do better with my life. Who am I? What do I like? What is my bliss? The answer is “Work in progress”.

Positive Mai is gathering herself and heading for harmony, and that is why I applied to this Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

I love my family. I am interested in many different things all related to well-being and pursuit of happiness.

In 2014, I achieved being financially debt free (paid back house and studies). I also achieved a 10 year-long project of doing a sabbatical year tour of South-East Asia with my family, ensuring my children school education, showing them Vietnam, my country of origin, discovering new places, new cultures, new people and keeping tight to the budget ($70 000 = 10 years’ savings).

And most important, my personal challenge was to go back to our previous life afterwards to prove that you can achieve dreams and still be “normal”.

In September 2014, I went back to my IT consulting job, my husband went back to his astrophysics, our children went back to school, having outstanding grades as usual, very happy to see their friends again and have teachers to help.

But after a year of overcoming various difficulties, I ended up realizing that something was wrong in being “normal”. I was pretty much dissatisfied with my life. I decided to quit my job convinced I could do better with my life.

Then, my children started to express how dissatisfied they were with school, how they would like to do more. They expressed to me that : “I can do better with my life”.

I know now that I am on the right track. Everyday, I discover new things that confirm my decision. There is no more hesitation. At least 20 people have told me how courageous I was to quit my job or how courageous I was to decide to home-school my 4 children.

How strange not being afraid to walk on an unknown path when all my life, I made sure I was always on the beaten track. My level of self-confidence has never ever been that high in my life.

I have this incredible feeling that I suddenly take form and substance.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with the litte film this wonderful insight in your extraodinary voyage and adventure.

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