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I followed the MKMMA class year 2015-2016 for 6 months. At the time, I had to practice hard to create new pathways in my brain and use the tools provided that worked the best for me to help me achieve my goals over myself.

After one year, I don’t have to read the blueprint builder anymore, I live it. I don’t need to read myself my plan of action 3 times a day. I know what I am willing to struggle for. I awake each morning with a vitality I have never known before like it was said in the first scroll of Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World”, I don’t have to read myself daily my “DMP” (= definite major purpose = you write down your goals on a paper as SMART objectives) aloud to know what sounds right or wrong (that’s what you do at the very beginning of the training when you have no idea what your deep goals are, so you just keep trying things like : “I want to stop shouting on my kids when I come back from work” and then the training pushes you to fo further in your thinking : “how do you want to be with your kids?” Help your brain mark a new pathway!). I know my goals well enough and update my DMP regularly as my goals are met, one after the other. My poster of dreams stands well in sight of my bed and I know what I want. Day after day, I become a better version of me. I have put the 7 laws of the mind on the wall in the toilets with famous quotes and stories I like to meditate on while sitting on the throne. I have become pretty good at the 7 day mental diet, and finally, after more than a year, I start to be able to voice no opinion and be non judgemental. At the time, there was 2 things I could not achieve while doing the MKMMA : voice no opinion and meditate 15 minutes daily. I am so proud to have at last fully understood and integrated that quote from Kofi Annan : “Tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible”.

Well, I have still not get to meditate daily but I try to live moments or glimpses of mindfulness each day and I improve in so many ways that the rest will come in time. I am already quite impressed by the road travelled so far. I am self-confident and happy to make the most of myself everyday.

May the maximum of people live the same bliss.

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