Positive Mai

Ready for change

July 25, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Organic Teen Culture


Soon, a new school “The Lunar Dreamers” opens in Gometz-le-Châtel, France. A democratic and secular school, a mixed class with children from 6 until 16 years old, where educing their best-self with positive education and neuroscience prevails.

A new school where the staff will let their inner light shine! Let our children grow into the changemakers of today and tomorrow and foster collective intelligence to improve the world around them. Teach them respect, empathy, mind training, gratitude, and let them find their own treasure and share it with the world.

May 8, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Marriage on the rocks? Want to do more than survive? Focus!

What is a marriage on the rocks? In the dictionnary, I find this explanation : 1. likely to fail because of serious problems. The next question is : when do you consider a problem to be serious? And that’s where the compass of your heart helps. If you have not been taught to trust your feelings and live with them in harmony, then you will be more likely to blind yourself and enter survival mode. And you don’t want your focus to be on survive but more on live.

A few days before my 15th wedding anniversary, I had a big row with my husband, on Christmas day. It was truly appalling. All our children were scared in the car thinking that we would end in a car accident on the side of the road. Thanks to the Master Key Experience, I was able to focus on what I want and accept my wrongs and decide what to do in the future to avoid the same situation.

This morning I had a row again with my husband. We both cried, overwhelmed by emotions of hurt feelings, frustration, pity, sadness and what more. My intention in my head was to help him, but in my husband’s mind, it turned out all wrong and agressive. Because I keep on interrupting him and he cannot get to the end of his sentences. My husband is definitely not spontaneous and not assertive. When I insisted that my only intention was to help him, he said reproachfully that it did not sound like it. As I can be persuasive, I told him spontaneously that if it had been 6 months ago the same situation, I would have been very selfish, insensitive, bossy, demanding and argumentative, but now, I was not anymore. He paused a while and admitted that it was true. 6 months ago, it would have been much worse!

“But still”, he said, “how can you expect to help me with what you tell me?”. I replied that I was trying at least! And only that mattered.

I did not need to argue anymore on insignificant things because I knew what I want and I embrace defenselessness now. He was all surprised that I could accept so easily being wrong in this and that. It is not important how I was before or how I do things wrong today (that I know doing wrong unwillingly and that I intend to fix with focus and persistence), because now I am the person I intend to become and I know where I am going. I know I go in the right direction anyway, with ups and downs, but I get there, surely, persistently, calmly. And my goal is to help him and love him. It’s clearly part of my goals and it’s on the walls everywhere in the house.

I have always been very curious about the fact that some couples divorce after many years of happy marriage together and several children together. How? Why? How to avoid it? Many divorced friends had told me that the love in the couple is like a fire that you need to fuel regularly with wood. Not doing so, you end up in a routine where you don’t know anything anymore.

So if you have the feeling that your marriage is on the rocks, ask yourself : “where’s my focus?” and feed the fire with some wood! There is a sentence I like a lot in the Master Keys : “Remember that thought is the fire that creates the steam that turns the wheel of fortune, upon which your experiences depend”


I pretend not to know

May 8, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 30 – Color code and Franklin makeover, just keep trying!

I read recently my color code report and was surprised by what I read. I already read it 7 months ago, but it had not at all the same resonance at the time. To say the truth, I was totally in shock at the results 6 months ago. I was so far from seeing me like what the report said that I guess I could not register all the information.

After 6 months of Master Key Experience, I have found my true self and everything is fitting together now.

My strengths are : spontaneous, carefree, flexible, positive, happy, persuasive, proactive, productive, assertive.

My weaknesses : forgetful, poor follow-through, an interrupter, impulsive, selfish*, insensitive*, bossy*, demanding*, argumentative* (* I have worked already on those ones during those last 6 months and they are not true anymore).

When the MKE class ended, they told us to keep working on virtues that we wanted to develop (what they call the “Franklin Makeover”). I definitely think that it’s time now for me to work on being a good listener (the opposite of being an interrupter and impulsive) and also on being a good follow-through and have a good memory instead of being forgetful. I have asked yesterday my husband and children to help me. I told them it was my goal and I needed help to get out of my old blue print on those points.

My character makeover? Just keep trying! If I don’t get it right today, I may get it right tomorrow. And it’s not because I have been an interrupter all my life that I can not change today or tomorrow. I just have to grab a pencil and a paper and organise myself while in discussion with someone. With persistent practice, I’ll produce perfect performance! One day, I will be able to leave the pencil and paper because I won’t be forgetful and my brain will have enough practice to retain my firing thoughts while listening to the other one speak! I will master the art of debating and co-creating a better world…

March 21, 2016
by Hoang-Mai

Week 24 – the MKE always keeps its promises

After those 6 months, there are no words powerful enough to express the positive effect of MKE on my life.

The rose grows, the bees pollinize, Positive Mai grows and pollinizes.

Self-reliance, breaking away from the sheep herd and leading my tribe. Wow! What a journey in 6 months. I always knew I wanted to have my bubble of nice environment. The environment where you are safe to be yourself. I used to think of it in a defensive way, and now I think of it as a universal right of the human being. I am ready to expand the bubble. Because your true nature is to shine, so being yourself is to shine and make the world live. Honestly, earnestly, effortlessly.

I always keep my promises. The MKE always keeps its promises.